Make Headway to Success, Launch yourself at Right Place

What is that one thing you can do, make action plans of and stick on to, even when the world around pushes you to think otherwise? What is that big dream that keeps you going?

Keep exploring these questions to find out about you before launching a startup. And after you decide on how to go about it, you’ll find numerous doors open for you.

The Photography Career

Photography Studio

Arun was interested in photography since his childhood. As a kid, he used to observe the world through the lenses of his father’s film-camera. As he grew up, he grew more passionate about photography and finally persuaded his father into buying him a Canon DSLR. It was only after months of his possession of the camera that he realized photography was his field of interest and he wanted to pursue a career in it. But launching a studio was not a cakewalk. It needed proper planning, space and finance.

My Own Bakery

Bakery Store

Baking cakes and confectionary was Ritu’s main hobby. She found peace in cooking and baking for her friends and family. Though her friends and family encouraged her to start a bakery outlet but, she pulled herself back as she found the idea of investing in a start-up business in a locality like hers, unprofitable.

Way to Success

Doors to opportunities opened up for both Arun and Ritu through the latest venture of Wave City Center’s MetroMart. Ritu decided to make plans of launching her start-up in one of the many shops in MetroMart that will offer an exceptional shopping opportunity to visitors. She was assured of the great footfall in her rich bakery store, as MetroMart was located in one of the busiest bustling areas of Noida.

MetroMart helped Arun realize his dream of setting up a studio of his own. He will kick-start his career at one of the 670 exclusively designed air-conditioned shops in MetroMart. With people pouring in with different digital needs, Arun is going to make his life successful.

Launch yourself with Metromart

MetroMart is an innovative commercial project from Wave Infratech, designed to be an ideal retail destination. Situated next to the Wave City Centre Metro Station, MetroMart promises foot fall of thousands of visitors on a daily basis. It is an air-conditioned G+2 shopping complex with independent shop units from 350 sqft to 650 sqft. The units have round-the-clock power back-up and can be used for boutiques, studios, confectionaries, sports stores etc. The first and second floor of the MetroMart has a proposed direct access from the metro station, which, once implemented would accentuate major business opportunities.

Metromart is an opportunity to launch the career or business you have envisioned and make the headway to success in the busiest city of NCR, Noida.

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