Dining Etiquette Practiced By Elite Class People

Dining etiquettes

Dining out is not just about eating with family, friends or business clients in a restaurent. It’s also about having meals with a flair. There are certain nuances and etiquette one should be aware and mindful of, while eating out, at a restaurant or someone’s place. While there are some generic rules to it such as, eating with one’s lips closed, chewing politely, wiping clean your mouth from time to time while dining and waiting for your companions to finish their food before you get up etc. However, there are certain specific dining etiquettes that the elite people follow, whether it’s formal or informal. Here is some valuable analysis on what all you need to remember before going out for a meal with someone:

Appropriate dressing as per occasion:

Dressing is one of the major elements that need to be taken seriously before stepping out for lunch, dinner or any other similar occasion. Irrespective of a formal or informal dinner, both men and women need to be extra cautious in order to look sophisticated and elite.

Dining etiquettes of elite class people

Allow your guests to place the order first:

When you’re hosting a lunch or dinner, it is very important to make your guests feel special. While dining out at a restaurant/ hotel, do ensure that you let your guest/s place the order first.

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Do not put your stuff on the table:

Putting your belongings such as, bags, purses, mobile or keys on the table show a lack of good manners. So always refrain from committing such folly.

Know the place of your napkins:

NOT to be tucked in the shirt ever. Their right place is on your lap, folded in half or quarter, if they are large. Also, if you are the guest, you should wait for your host to do so first. If you happen to excuse yourself in the middle for an important reason, you should fold your napkin a little loosely and keep it on the table, to the left of your plate.

Dining etiquettes of elite people

Placing the cutlery right:

After having finished your food, don’t push your dinner plate away. Place the fork and knife at the centre of it. Also, remember that your drink should always be on your right. If you don’t wish to have another serving of wine, do not place your glass upside down, instead, just signal to the waiter politely that you want no more (when he comes to serve another round).

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Never ask for soup twice:

Asking for soup or fish twice would mean that your co-diners have to be kept waiting for the next course to be served, which is impolite and disrespectful. Hence, avoid!

Take care of the bill without the knowledge of your guests:

If you are the host taking out your guests for a dinner at a high-end restaurant, it becomes your responsibility that you pay the bill in a discreet way. It is highly-recommended that you give your credit card to the waiter to settle your bill after you are done. This would ensure that your guests won’t even have to worry about the courtesy of offering to pay.

Tips to waiter:

If you feel that you were served well by the waiter, you can pay tips to the waiter without bringing this in other person’s knowledge. Otherwise, it may be deemed that paying tips to waiters is the trend of the restaurant. Also, make sure that restaurant does not have any sign board suggesting customers to not pay tips.

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