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Siddharth Khanna, a 25-year-old interior decorator, spends Rs.15,000 per month for rent of a shared flat. Considering rent as an excess, he is now searching for a small-sized apartment to invest in- which should be in his budget and fully-furnished but he is not in favour of taking a loan. He was given an option of a well-furnished studio apartment in Noida with 600 sq. ft. carpet area having a modular kitchen, a bedroom with an attached bathroom.

However, big apartments were also available around his budget, but Mr. Khanna wanted to own a studio apartment which is nearby his workplace and has the basic comforts. ‘I am satisfied getting a studio one, as now I am free from the trouble of spending the big chunk of my salary on home furnishing'(sic) says Mr. Khanna.

Studio apartments make a great solution for home buyers who are students, professionals and regular business travelers and don’t want to book a hotel on high price. While they save on their daily spend, they in-parallel add a property to their assets.

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If you too find these tiny apartments worthy and fancy, Wave City Center will guide you on how to make the best of your choice and investment.

While living in a studio apartment is a matter of choice for some, it is a requisite for others too. As the population in urban sectors is evolving continuously, the trend of living in studio apartment is on the rise in metro cities and their extensions.

Studio Apartments as a preferred choice

Studio apartments are small apartments which consist of a living room, kitchen, bedroom and dining room into one common area. The concept of one-bedroom studio apartments has now days started embracing in the metropolitan cities.


Why to Invest in Studio Apartment?


Studio apartments are considerably the least pricey apartments available. Whilst, the price varies due to factors like location, size and furnishing service, yet studio apartments are often 20-40 percent less costly than 1 BHK apartments.

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Save on utilities

When it comes to cooling or heating a room which is 600 square feet, it’s apparent that the utility bills will be lower in studio apartments.

Get into Luxury living

Studio apartments are most valued and can be inside your budget brackets. Luxury studio buildings, many-a-times offer convenient locations and facilities.
Cleaning is easier

The smaller the area, the easier it is to keep it clean. Cleaning a micro room is convenient than tidying up the larger ones.

Decorating is fun

Lifestyle in a studio apartment also let your interiors stand out. E.g. a large painting will enhance the look and feel factor in the room.

Price appreciation

A studio apartment invites a good appreciation scope. Owing to growing demand for accommodation, studio apartments are catching the eye of property seekers and small-medium investors.

Low on Pocket

As the price and area are lower, stamp duty, registration charges and maintenance fee are accordingly lower.


Indulge into a little luxury with Livork at Wave City Center- The Multi-Purposed Studios

Wave City Center appreciates the standards of better and smarter living and hence offers the luxury with Livork Studio Apartments.

Livork’s modern studio apartments are not only well-furnished but also multi-used. These studio apartments are equipped with a commercial license allowing it to be used for business purpose as well.

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What more?

  • Three-level basement car parking for residents
  • Proximity to Wave City Center Metro Station
  • Supreme quality imported furniture
  • Over 8 lac sq. ft. of development
  • Economical substitute to hotels
  • High rise tower of approximately 40 storeys
  • Multi-use studios from 4th floor
  • Well furnished and fully serviced- Wi-Fi connectivity, business centers, power backup, housekeeping on demand, a fully-equipped gym, a clubhouse

Livork studios are Innovative studio apartments with commercial license. Set up your home with infinite possibilities like office, studio, gallery or clinic.Use it the way you desire.

For any query, please let us know or connect with us.

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