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If you are someone with an idea in mind on how you wish your new apartment to look, you ought to have a concrete plan before you get started on it.

Some people just want their apartment to be ready and decorated all at once, even if it needs work right from the scratch, but still leave all the work to the last moment. This, folks, is a big mistake, the reason being that furnishing an entire apartment without a strategy can be a very daunting task. People often end up sitting on the floor for two months or three, only to end up buying many small unnecessary accessories to make up for the missing furniture.

If you do not want to be that person, here are a few tips that you can take note of for decorating your first ever apartment: –

There are two important functions of entrances or doorways that you need to understand to best benefit from it. The first one being that doorways help you make a good first impression and the second and the most important one being that they help you stay organized as you enter or leave your house.

You can start with managing the storage by placing a console table, a multipurpose coat rack, a tray maybe, and a small runner to just finish the remaining space. Further, you can add lights and mirrors to accessorize further.

Kitchen is one of the most important corners within the house, and decorating this space goes far beyond filling it up with the right cooking essentials. As a first step, you can easily upgrade your kitchen space with paint and hardware.

To start with, you can add a small dining table in your kitchen if the space allows. You can also decorate the countertop with some useful but attractive storage containers. Herb planters, beautiful kitchen linens or some artwork are a few other things that you can add to this space.

Living Room
As has been noted across residential flats in Noida, Gurgaon and other big cities, it is the living room where people spend a bulk of their budget. You can begin with some of the standard and essential things such as a place to sit, a source of light and an accent or coffee table.

Once done with this, you can next fill up the living room with artwork, accent chairs, rugs and pillows. When decorating this, there is actually a rule to follow. Start with the base and later on fill in smaller accent pieces. Some people even go as far as choosing the cupboard designs for their living room.

When it comes to the bedroom, there are a few essentials that you need to take care of, for instance, getting a bed frame. It does not have to be a fancy or costly one; just good enough to suit your space. Next come window treatments, some greenery and a nightstand. Gradually, you can continue upgrading your bedroom with new lighting, bedding or rugs. As a thumb rule, minimal accessories help make your bedroom feel more organized, calm and purposeful.

A lot of city dwellers, like those in residential flats in Noida, Delhi and other metros, opt for thematic decorations. You can try something similar with your bathroom space. One good idea would be that of a tropical oasis, which you can gain with the help of turquoise and beige schemes.
To accentuate the space, add in wall storage, a mirror, and some fresh bath linens. People also add various bathing accessories, sleek candles and bath products. What you must remember is that the less you do, the more it shall be.

In the end, you must remember that this is your home – make it your canvas for decoration.

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