Know How Neha, Garima & Shruti Used Their Passions To Build a Startup

Neha Garima Shruti

Neha, Garima and Shruti have been best friends since childhood. They had been supporting each other all along their lives. Last year, they graduated in their respective areas of study. Though their dreams were different, deep inside, each of them dreamt of starting a venture together. But, the success seemed far until they came to learn about Livork at Wave City Centre, Noida.

Neha was passionate about photography and had just graduated from the College Of Arts. Fashion designing was Garima’s forte and her ambition was to become a top fashion designer like Manish Maholtra and Masaba Gupta. Shruti was keen in modeling and wanted to pursue a career that would help her become a leading model and put her on the cover page of magazines like Elle and Femina.

After pouring-in their thoughts & ideas, they decided to start a boutique of their own, which would help all three of them to work together. Shruti would be a model to exhibit the fashion statements sketched by Garima and Neha would capture the details with her skills of visioning and photography. But as the first step, the needed to build a portfolio of their strengths and that required a dedicated space to work together.

To start-up their business, all three went in search for a suitable place which would be in the city, conveniently connected to transport terminals and have their clientele in the surroundings. On one busy day, Neha, while having the online session of Photo Editing searched “studio apartment with commercial license” on Google and found the below results:

Livork Search Result

She clicked on the first link: and got all the information related to the property she and her friends needed fiercely.

Livork Construction Update

Later, Garima, Neha and Shruti walked into Wave City Centre Sales Pavilion to know more about Livork. They were warmly welcomed by the Product Expert on the floor who provided them with details about Livork and took them to the Livork’s tower which has been erected till 22 floors.

What Was Livork!

Livork was one of its kinds in Noida and offered unimaginably more than what they could expect from a Studio Apartment. The project was built by Wave Infratech and offered the residents with space flexibility. Knowing that Livork Studio Apartments come with a commercial license and are suitable for living as well as running a commercial venture, seemed to be the perfect destination for the besties.

And, they could see their dreams getting closer to reality.

Watch Livork

Why choose Livork over the conventional work areas and stores?

Livork, one of the latest projects from Wave Infratech at Wave City Center, offers fully furnished and completely serviced Studio Apartments. Innovative in nature, these apartments promise a comfortable lifestyle along with opportunities for career growth. These innovative apartments have a commercial license and offer services like high-speed internet connectivity, business center, conference halls and housekeeping services.

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