How to Set a Table for a Formal and Informal Dinner

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Having guests over for a holiday or throwing a dinner party? Whatever be the reason, you can always enhance your party hosting skills with easy and double quick ways to set up the dining table properly. This is because whenever there are guests coming over, almost everyone sets the table in a hurry, and keeps it as a last minute task. At the end, most people are often left confused as to how correctly place the glassware, napkins, plates, and flatware on the table.

Whether you live in one of the luxury flats in Noida, Gurgaon or Mohali, here are some easy ideas for setting a table can always come in handy especially in last-minute dinner preparations.

A basic table setting

To start setting up your table, you can begin with understanding what a basic table setting is. This will help you give a more casual setting to your dinner party. Then afterwards, you can add additional glasses, silverware, plates, etc. to your dining table for a more formal dinner setting if you want to.

In the basic setting, you add only the basic pieces required for the dinner. Place the dinner plate at the centre and place everything else in the surroundings. This is how you would arrange the flatware (typically in the order of usage):
Place the fork to the left and spoon and knife to the right. The sharp edge of the knife should be towards the plate. Plus, place the spoon to the right of the knife. If you want to place the napkins, you can place it on the plate or under the fork.

Informal dinner

Begin with the basic setting as discussed above, and then start adding the following pieces:
If you want to serve salad, you can place the salad fork towards the left of the dinner fork. If you are not serving salad, then take the fork and place it towards the right of the dinner fork so that it could be used as a dessert fork. Alternatively, you can always bring in the dessert fork when you serve dessert.
The bread and butter plates or salad go to the upward side of forks to the left. Above the spoons, saucer and cup are placed with the handles rightwards. Place the water or wine glasses above the knife as shown in the picture above.

Formal dinner

For a formal dinner, start with the setting for an informal dinner and add the following pieces (yep, it all works in progression!):

Place the coffee cup to the rightmost end after placing the knife and the spoons. The spoons will be in the order of beverage, soup, and dessert spoons. The red and wine glasses (if required) can be places to the left of the coffee cup.

Why did we put the effort to write such a blog? Well, when you live in a luxury flat and lead a luxurious lifestyle, table etiquette becomes pertinent, and this is a big part of that. Let’s talk about Noida now. Unlike the past decade, when you buy a home in Noida now, you can checkout luxury flats in Noida as there are a lot of them available, that too at different price-points to cater to a variety of customers. And when you do go ahead and buy one, let your sophistication show in the way you set a table for meals. After all, the best hosts are the ones who blend luxury with class!

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