5 Reasons to Invest in Commercial Real Estate in Noida Right Now!

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Investing in commercial real estate in Noida requires much larger financial resources than residential properties. This has led to the belief that commercial real estate is the sole domain of High Net worth Individuals (HNIs) or institutional investors. However, the commercial real estate scene is slowly but surely changing. Many retail investors are now turning towards the upcoming commercial projects in Noida. Here are a few reasons why you should consider investing in commercial real estate, if you have been hesitant till date.

Different Ways Available for Investment

Investing in commercial property is a way better option than investing in a residential project. Prices of commercial shops in Noida are comparatively low at this time due to oversupply in commercial real estate space. The commercial real estate space has a much higher scope for appreciation compared to the residential sector. For those who are looking at upcoming commercial projects in Noida, there are different ways for investment. You can buy the commercial property outright, or you can buy shares in an investing fund which purely focusses on commercial property.

The Business-Oriented Government

The government at the centre is supportive of businesses and this has led to a renewed sense in the corporate world. Government initiatives like “Make in India” are leading to more capital inflow in the market, which is pushing the demand for commercial real estate in Noida.

The Start-Up Boom

Every year, more and more Indians are leaving steady jobs to fulfil their entrepreneurial dreams. With a renewed confidence in the Indian market, most of these start-ups are attracting the attention of investors from across the globe, often leading to huge investments. Noida is one the hotbeds where the start-up scene is booming, making it the right time to invest in a commercial space in Noida.

Better Returns

The rental yield from commercial shop in Noida is usually more than that of residential property. With the rising demand for commercial space in Noida, investing in a commercial space is a good proposition right now, especially as the prices are low. Returns in commercial real estate are not only higher than residential real estate, but it also offers higher capital appreciation due to steadily rising demand.

High Appreciation

Historically, commercial real estate has always appreciated at a faster rate than other investments. This especially holds true if you can make improvements to the commercial real estate in a cost-effective manner. Since you will make improvements to the commercial real estate, you make it more appealing for investment, thus increasing the appreciation of your assets.

The option of investing in commercial real estate has now emerged as safer route compared to residential space. That’s because property offers positive monthly returns in the form regular cash flow from rent. This, in the long term, ensures that you as an investor are not solely dependent on property appreciation for profit.

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