‘These two people are so different from each other. One looks at the north while other looks at the south!’

We often hear people giving such examples in daily life. In fact, in a country like India which has people from multiple castes, religions, communities, regions etc. living together, hearing such examples is quite common. But it will also be right to say that such differences also bring people together. From different food to dresses and cultures, people from different regions love to experience each other’s living and cuisines.

Attractions of each region

It is human nature that we want to get those things which we don’t have. To mention a few, a lot of North Indians love South Indian cuisines, their traditional dresses, jasmine flowers in hair etc. On the other hand, a lot of South Indians are fond of North Indian dresses, Punjabi food, and folk dances.

Let us introduce you to both the cultures and their lifestyle in brief.

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South Indian lifestyles and their attractions

South Indians are very close to their culture. Any traditional ceremony in this region is celebrated with a series of rituals. A few things that anyone will notice in traditional ceremonies of South India are:

  1. Men in traditional dresses like sarong, dhoti, lungi, etc. while women in kasavu mundu, a white saree with a golden border.
  2. Mouth watering South Indian food like dosa, uttapam, upma, sambar, idli, vada, etc.
  3. South Indian females flaunting their long hair beautifully decorated with jasmine flowers.
  4. Melodious music from instruments like mridangam, kanjira, Saraswati veena, tambura, thalam, etc.

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North Indian lifestyles and their attractions

North India is popular for its spicy food, loud music, and colorful culture. North Indian ceremonies are usually a week-long event, full of various rituals that are not completed without music. To sum up a little, below are some attractions of North Indians that you may notice.

  1. Colorful sarees, suits, lehngas, etc. beautifully draped over North Indian females. However, North Indian men wear kurta pyjamas or sherwanis in ethnic wear.
  2. Dance forms like Bhangra are among the biggest attractions of North Indian weddings. Loud music played over a ‘dhol’ attracts almost every person.
  3. North Indian food is popular for a variety of spices used in different cuisines. Though South Indian and Chinese cuisine are equally liked by North Indians.

So, it will be right to say that though both the regions possess different lifestyles, they actually attract people from various other regions. Because, the human being likes varieties, varieties in-food, clothing, living and celebrations. And, one thing which is common with different standards of Living is Luxury.

Luxury is what defines the elegant class of people.

It is the status of being niceish.

It is being at a place where you attain your fancies.

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