Does Your Home Need An Electric Panel Upgrade? Read Now

When buying an old/new home or an apartment, certain factors need to be kept in mind. One has to ensure that fundamental aspects like plumbing, pipelines and electric panels are in excellent condition. If the flat or home that is being purchased is very old, it is imperative to check whether the existing electric panel and MEP structure is in perfect condition or requires to be changed. Many homes may need an upgrade, especially when state of the art and modern appliances are being used. It is better to get the house checked by an electrician before making a final decision.

There was a time when an average household required fewer watts but today, with growing use of modern appliances that draws high volts, it is important that the electric panel works efficiently and is safer.

When to look for electric services?

Some warning signs can help in taking a decision for those homes that are old and have deficient electrical tools.

  1. The fuse goes off frequently

When you find a fuse or circuit tripping quite often, it clearly indicates a problem. It usually happens when too much electricity is passing through the wires. This means that the circuit breaker box and fuse box need to be replaced.

  1. Fluctuations in voltage when major appliances are being used

Many times, one notices voltage fluctuation or lights going dim. This is another indication to get electric panel thoroughly checked and if needed, a stabilizer need to be fixed.

  1. Using appliances individually

Sometimes, one may have to shut other devices in order to use a particular appliance. If you find yourself turning off other appliances in order to use a specific one, it indicates a circuit breaker upgrade.

Electrical Upgrade Improvements

If you are in a hurry to shift to your new house, you must get basic electric service checked. After moving in, you can get electric panel upgraded. This is the best way; you can bring about changes in your home for the better. A dedicated circuit is required to run and use most of the modern appliances for their smooth functioning. Before deciding to install a new electric stove or an air-conditioner, it is necessary to get your electric panel upgraded. Thus, it is better to seek the services of a reliable electric contractor and complete basic electrical requirements.

If the electric supply is not adequate and cannot fulfill household needs, it is important to seek an electric capacity upgrade. Also, get your home evaluated by a reliable and certified electrician, and if required get panel box replaced, this will ensure the safety of your house.


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