Go Green by Exploring These Renowned Nurseries in Noida

Nurseries in Noida

Many consider gardening as a tedious and least exercising activity, but truth even in the present age of technology and advancements is that modern home greenhouses are a crucial need of today. Nurseries aid in acquirement and access to natural and organic plants and vegetation free of man-made fertilisers. For a home garden to flourish the need to procure the best plant, saplings, and composts, a good nursery with a variety of plants in the city is necessary. We are hereby presenting some of the most famous plantations in Noida which are truly best in terms of buying desired plants.

  1. Seema Nursery and Farms, Sector 1

Seema Nursery and Farms is the provider of Flowering Plants, Fruit Plants, Indoor Plants, Ornamental Plants, Palm Plants, Perennial Plants, Rose Plants and so forth. Aside from this, the organisation likewise offers Horticulture Services, Landscaping Services and so on.

2.6 km from Wave City Center

  1. Hirat Nursery and Farms, Sector 126

Hirat Nursery arranged in nearness to Amity University Noida deals in a variety of plants, blossoms, and also takes up tasks related to yards and garden spaces.

8 km from Wave City Center

  1. Verma Nursery, Sector 43

Verma nursery provides a platform for a broad range of Horticulture plants for yards and greenhouses including indoor and open-air plants. They additionally make arrangements for leased office spaces, capacities and gatherings. Among the many plants, some of their most popular plants are Cyprus, Sansevieria, Casuarina, Scindapsus, Areca Ophiopogon, Cordyline, Plumeria, Silver-Oak, Aglaonema, Chamaedorea, Aspidistra, Ficus and others.

2.8 km from Wave City Center

  1. Nurturing Green, Sector 38

Nurturing Green was conceived in 2009 and is the pioneer in India for the promotion of ideas of Green Gifting – “Gift a Plant”. Nurturing Green since its origination has caught the gifting scope as well as changed the way individuals showcase their brands and have taken it to higher than ever levels with the advent of Green Marketing and Gifting.

New items are produced in every season under the strong management of Buying and R&D team of Nurturing Green. Nurturing Green chains more than 300 plant items and offers you the rarest of unique assortments of the outlandish plants with unmatchable quality. Some of the outstanding ones are the extraordinary Bonsai from Japan, Lucky Bamboo from Thailand and China, etc.

6.6 km from Wave City Center

  1. Anil Nursery, Sector 62A

Anil nursery is a specialist organisation in the city, occupied with delivering Green Grass, Indoor and Outdoor Plant, Horticulture Development benefit, and so on.

6 km from Wave City Center

If you are looking forward to embracing a green lifestyle and give a new look to your living space, then do visit these nurseries to pick your favourite plants, bonsais, etc.

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