Guaranteed Ways to Sell Your House in A Week

Sell Your House

Though a seller can rely on the mediums like agents, the online listing of the house on a property search website, or the outdoor signage to sell his house. But, one can’t just sit and wait at home before the property is successfully sold. Perhaps you are in a hurry to shift to a new place, but, for that to happen, you need to sell the current one. So, if you want to sell fast, here are the tips for you:

The reason why you want to sell:

There can be different reasons behind this move like relocating, moving out of the state, changing your job, marrying or divorcing, upsizing on downsizing, quick repayment of home loan, buying a new home etc. You need to understand and tell yourself the core reason, and then you will be able to market it better.

Approaching the investor:

If you are in a hurry to sell your house at the price you want, investors might be the best buyer of your property. In case, you have inherited a house, that is too much cluttered and you can’t spend the big amount of money to unclutter and clean it, approach an investor. Only an investor will have the vision to buy a property, invest money in its cleaning and maintenance and then offer the same, beautiful house to someone, who wants to move into it immediately.

A price little less than the market:

You can sell your property at the price you want, but that demands its beautification, an affluent buyer and apparently long period to look out for the selected potential buyers. Either you invest money to beautify your property and wait till the renovation is over, or offer it at a price less than the market and it will attract a big number of potential buyers.

For e.g., A home in central Noida may be worth 50L which needs some maintenance and renovation. Rather than kicking off its construction only to trap yourself, lower the offer price, say 47-48L and sell it in quick time.

Friend an Expert/Agent:

This is no time to mess around with amateur agents, your brother’s wife’s uncle that might be into real estate occasionally, or even a friend that’s just starting out in the business. Make sure you go with an agent that has been working for at least 5 to 10 years minimum, does this full time, and sells at least a half a dozen houses a year.

Experienced real estate agents that sell properties full-time know how to get in contact with escrow agents, buyers, lenders, title companies, appraisal companies, etc.

In case you fail to sell:

This is a way to almost guarantee selling your home in a week or less but, there are so many extenuating circumstances to selling a property that it can be practically impossible to guarantee that. Markets across the country are all doing different things. There might be a neutral market where it’s halfway between a buyer’s market and a seller’s market whereas another city just a few kilometres away might have an extremely hot seller’s market.

It’s not a guarantee you’ll sell quickly, but the ways indicated above to get it priced well, market appropriately, will help you position it well, which will, if nothing, increase its scope of selling faster.

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