All the money in the world won’t be of much use if you don’t have the health to enjoy it. In this fast paced time when lifestyles are becoming more sedentary, the best solution to getting your daily dose of exercise is gyms or fitness centers. Owing to our lifestyles and atmosphere around, just going out for a walk or a jog may not be enough for the body. In a gym, you get to exercise in the cleanest air and the safest environment.

Gyms in Noida

Most people take a gym membership only to fall behind in a few days because of the long distance they have to travel from home to gym. The best thing would be to choose a gym close to your residence or choose an apartment that is close to the best gyms, like Wave City Center in Sector 32, Noida. That way, you can be sure of keeping your date with health every day without fail!

So which are the best and most premium fitness centers/gyms in Noida that will help you shape up to your best self? We hereby present some of the best gyms/fitness centers in Noida and tell you their distance from world-class Wave City Center.


  1. Gold’s Gym: Sector 30, Noida

The gym is the gold standard for gyms in India. This is the world’s largest chain of gyms with more than 700 centers around the world. Which means a single membership can give you access to its other branches anywhere in the world, so the next time you are globetrotting, you can still ensure your fitness. Gold Gym has specific zones for cardio, weight training, group exercises, physiotherapy, steam rooms, massage therapy, etc. So pick your favorite and get started.

3.7 Kms from Wave City Center

  1. Anytime Fitness: Sector 48, Noida

Located in proximity to Wave City Center, this is a chain of gyms that is very popular in the US and spread over 19 countries. With state-of-the-art equipment and fitness centers, private showers and convenient parking, this gym is open seven days a week for more than 12 hours a day. So you can choose a time that is convenient for you.

3.2 Kms from Wave City Center

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  1. Talwalkars: Sector 62, Noida

The largest chain of fitness centers and the popular name among gymnasiums in the country is Talkwalkars today. Having presence in Delhi, Mumbai, Hyderabad, Chennai, etc. Talwalkars offers aerobics, yoga, physiotherapy, steam/sauna, personal trainers and dieticians to its members.

6.5 Kms from Wave City Center

  1. Elemention: Sector 62, Noida

This chain of gyms has multiple branches in Noida and offers a very systematic plan to members where a workout plan is designed after a thorough evaluation. So each member gets a highly personalised and customised plan according to their body needs. With world class equipment and internationally trained staff, you can be sure of being under the best trainer in Elemention.

7.9 Kms from Wave City Center

  1. Health Village: Sector 62, Noida

This is a new elite spa and international standard gym in Noida that has been creating waves with its 40,000 sq ft, 7-storeyed dedicated space. With professionals trained in Yoga, Naturopathy, and Ayurveda, you get a holistic health routine which is a combination of physical exercise, diet and lifestyle modifications for your physical and mental well-being.

5.5 Kms from Wave City Center

Having fitness goals in life? Living in Wave City Center, Noida will turn out to be a heavenly experience for you because the strategic location of Wave City Center enables its residents in quickly accessing gyms/fitness centers in Noida.

You can know more about the location and amenities of Wave City Center by sending us your message in the comment box below.
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