Explore the Best Corporate Party Destinations in Noida

One of the best things about being a grown-up with a job is office parties. Having a really good time with colleagues and sipping the finest wine to relax the corporate stress away is almost heaven. Apart from the fun and relaxation, corporate parties open great scope for network building and interactions with colleagues and other like-minded people. To have an amazing time and enjoy yourself it is crucial to go to the right place having the atmosphere you like. Here we have listed some of the excellent places that you can call it your favourite after office hub.

  1. Radisson Blu, Sector 18

Radisson Blu, a famous hotel located at Sector-18, Noida, is well known for its lavish and fabulous decor and services. With their open lawns, bar side, large banquet halls, etc., hosting the party here is the new cool. They offer food arrangements like buffet menus which make it an ideal destination for corporate parties.

4.6 Kms from Wave City Center

  1. Tivoli Habitat Center, Greater Noida

Tivoli Habitat Center situated in Greater Noida is a perfect place to host crowded office parties. It can hold around 2,000 people which reflect its spacious and exotic area. Moreover, it also has conference rooms with lodging facilities and catering services as an option.

32.1 Kms from Wave City Center

  1. Kebab Xpress, Sector 32

The next perfect place for having office parties is the Kebab Xpress at Sector -32, Noida. They arrange parties according to the demands of the customers. Taking care of every minute detail that is important in a party is their expertise. Accommodation is also provided along with food arrangements. The staffs that are handling events are professionals with experience to make sure the party goes the way client imagines.

4 Kms from Wave City Center

  1. Fortune Inn Grazia, sector 27

Fortune Inn Grazia is another place for huge gatherings and events. It is located in Sector-27, Noida and has multiple banquet halls, conference rooms and open lawns. Another feature of this hotel is its pool. They allow pool parties too which sounds just perfect and magical. Leaving the party at odd hours to go home won’t be a problem because they provide transportation services as well. This place is definitely an upgrade for any party.

2.9 Kms from Wave City Center

  1. Barrack 62- The Gastro Club, Sector 62

Sometimes parties are at its best when it’s a small group people having a good time. Barrack 62- The Gastro Club in Sector-62, Noida is a great place for smaller gatherings and hangouts. The place is sassy and fabulous with awesome food and drinks. They provide pre-booking facilities for a larger group to make sure people get their seats for having a relaxed time and enjoy themselves.

5.2 Kms from Wave City Center

  1. Smoke Factory, Sector 38

Finally the famous Smoke Factory. It’s a new bar opened in Sector-38, Noida which is ideal for corporate parties. The place beams classiness with a lovely ambience. They have a vast selection of drinks to choose from and tasty food to go with it. An after-office party could never go wrong in a place like this.

Going out for a couple of drinks or planning office parties isn’t as hard as it used to be.

5.7 Kms from Wave City Center

These awesome places in Noida provide the perfect aura and atmosphere not only for a fantastic time but ensures a relaxed and peace of mind and body.

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