Check What Susheel and Anamika Found About Livork Studio Apartments

For Anamika and Susheel, a couple in their early 30s, it was rising rentals that made them think about buying an apartment that was all their own, rather than spending money every month on rents and at the end of the day not having anything to their name! While they looked at many properties in Delhi-NCR, nothing really felt like home until, one fine day, a friend’s Facebook post alerted them about Livork Studio Apartments at Wave City Center. They couldn’t know much about the project right there, but when they saw the full list of features of Livork studio apartment, it seemed too good to them. They researched further and realized that this was to be expected from the world class Wave City Center.

What makes Livork Studio Apartments stand out amongst others?

While studio apartments are available in many projects in Noida, what makes Livork Studio Apartments truly special is that they are not only residential but are also holding a commercial license! This meant that Anamika could have her much-desired art studio right there in the apartment! There was no need to pay extra rent to hire a studio space just for her art at the starting phase itself. She planned to use this space for her art studio and when her work started picking up, buy another Livork studio apartment or a shop at Metromart to use exclusively as her art studio.

In fact, Livork Studio Apartments are drawing so many ambitious and creative couples just like Anamika and Susheel for this one reason. These studio apartments are not only apt for residential or commercial usage, but they are also enriched with best in class amenities and facilities that make them stand out amongst the crowd.


Fully furnished studio apartments, Livork is truly meant for people who are looking forward to starting their life and set up their career simultaneously. Equipped with luxurious facilities and amenities such as clubhouse, power backup, cafeteria, security, Wi-Fi connectivity, and even gyms, Susheel and Anamika knew that this is the ultimate destination they were looking for. They were also happy to know that now they can de-stress or take care of their health whenever they get even the smallest chunk of time.

Livork studio apartments also have an excellent locational advantage, being right next to the Wave City Center Noida Metro station, just 2 kilometers away from sector 18 (the hub of Noida), and less than 4 kilometers away from other hubs that connect with Delhi.

Livork gives a noise-free atmosphere surrounded by landscaped greenery that is a balm to the soul (and good for business). The spaces are also spacious, well designed, and yet compact, ranging from 693 sq.ft. to 908 sq.ft. Along with being fully air conditioned, they are also furnished with the highest quality furnishings, fixtures, linens, electricals, and have a high-end finish, both internally and externally.

Anamika and Susheel knew they made the right choice by buying Livork Studio apartments both for their personal life and professional life!

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