Construction of three new roads is planned between the two cities by the Greater Noida and the Noida authorities in order to improve connectivity. The authority of Greater Noida said that the road networks would also include the construction and development of three bridges over Hindon River which separates Noida and Greater Noida.

According to the officials, the primary objective of constructing new roads is decongestion of the existing Noida roads that also includes the Noida-Greater Noida Expressway stretching up to 25 Km. According to the estimates, approximately 15000 vehicles travel on one lane of the expressway, especially during peak hours. The officials say that congestion is caused due to heavy flow of the vehicles, and this also causes hindrance to the motorists.

The Chief Executive Officer of the Greater Noida authority Mr. Deepak Aggarwal said, “I have proposed three new roads because vehicular pressure on the Noida Expressway and the two other main roads – Dadri – Surajpur – Chhalera Road and Noida Extension road – will increase manifold in the next 3 – 4 years. Therefore, we will have to be prepared well in advance. We plan to build the bridges first and then connect these bridges with approached roads.”

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The suggested three routes will include construction of a bridge over river Hindon. The construction of the bridges will take place between the Sector Chi IV in Greater Noida and the Sector 150A in Noida. The other connecting regions include Knowledge Park II in Greater Noida and Shafipur in Noida, Knowledge Park III in Greater Noida and Sector 148 in Noida.

The CEO of the Greater Noida Authority-Mr. Deepak Aggarwal, the general manager of the Greater Noida Authority-Mr. Rajiv Tyagi, and the chief architect and the town planner of Noida-Mr. SC Gaur have discussed the project.

Mr. Gaur also said that they will have a detailed discussion about the three important road project constructions with the officials and will take forward the important projects for the better connectivity of the two cities.

According to the officials, the construction of the relevant links will be started by both the authorities and the plan of the alignment of the road will be finalized after bridges get ready.

Information Source: HT

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