Feng Shui Tips for Selecting Paintings for your House

Feng Shui Paintings

Feng Shui is a law system that governs the spatial arrangement as well as orientation related to the flow of energy. Its favourable effects are always considered for designing buildings. If you are thinking of purchasing paintings for your house, then you can consider certain Feng Shui tips that apply to the paintings. Doing so will contribute to the feel of space and the overall energy flow. Here is a list of useful Feng Shui tips that you can use while choosing paintings:

1. Check for Feng Shui elements

Look out for paintings that incorporate one of the five Feng Shui elements. These elements are wood, water, fire, earth and metal. Use the following points of knowledge when choosing a painting:

. Wood: Paintings of forest landscapes, driftwood, or simply a painting on a wooden board.

. Water: Paintings containing rivers, lakes, waterfall, water landscapes, etc.

. Fire: Paintings of fireplaces, candles, and various other fiery things.

. Earth: Paintings consisting of plants, mountains, crystals, etc.

. Metal: Paintings having coins, cars, etc.

2. Look for these colours

For choosing paintings according to Feng Shui, another step that you can follow is to check for the predominant colour of the painting so that you are able to find its element.
. The paintings that have the colour purple, orange, or red depict the element of Fire. These colours reflect passion, warmth, vibrancy, and joy.

. The paintings that have green or brown add to the element of Water. These colours are said to be the colours of prosperity.

. Paintings with aqua and blue depict the Water element. These colours are considered to be the colours of peace and tranquillity.

. Paintings with colours of beige, yellow, brown, and earthy tones depict the element of Earth. The element is related with grounding, receptivity and stability.

. Paintings with black, brown, gray, metallics, and brown depict the the element of Metal, which signifies energy moving inward, rational thought, productivity, and intellectualism.

3. Paintings that depict seasons

If the paintings are showing a particular season, there are some elements that you can look out for. Late summers are related to the Earth element. Additionally, the autumn season is related to the Metal element. On the other hand, winter is related to the Water element. The spring and early summer are related to the Fire element.

4. Posters

The easiest and the cheapest wall art type that can offer a Feng Shui touch is a poster. Plus, you can yourself make a poster from a photo that you really like or choose an abstract poster that complements the style of your room.

Additional tip: You can apply Feng Shui to your cupboard too. Regardless of the drawing room cupboard design, it should always cling on to the wall. This is an extremely useful Feng Shui tip for living rooms.

Balance and harmony are the essence of Feng Shui. In that regard, these tips will come in handy in your home, whether it is a villa, an independent floor or one of the luxury flats, be it in Noida, Delhi, Gurgaon, Mumbai or someplace else. Let the good energies flow!

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