Making new investments during Navratras is considered very auspicious in India. This spirit gets a further boost with developers coming up with attractive and beneficial offers. This is the time, when customers or investors, plan to buy or invest in a property which comes with discounts galore. According to Knight Frank, usually the second half of any year, the festive months, is the best than the first half. Investors / buyers wait for the festivities to avail heavy discounts or easy payment schemes.

During festive season, we witness builders launching new projects and increased marketing activities of their real estate projects. We can attribute the below factors as to why festive seasons are the best and why people invest in properties around this time:

  • This time is regarded propitious for purchasing property. Quite a few people concede their buys to purchase their home on a hopeful date as they connect this time with growth & prosperity.
  • Individuals have higher dispensable income by virtue of rewards and different advantages got amid this time. Plus, they generally save in the preceding months in order to be able to splurge during festivals.
  • More and better loan choices are available, as banks / builders turn out with luring offers.
  • Builders give heavy rebates and offer a large freebies and installment choices, owing to intense competition for off-loading inventory.
  • All the more new projects are launched, amid the happy season, than at some other time. Subsequently, purchasers have a considerable measure of alternatives to browse.

If you are a buyer, you may expect one or more of the following attachments to come your way:

  • No registration fees or stamp duty
  • Gold coins
  • Cash discounts
  • Free car parking
  • Travel / Gift vouchers to national and international destinations
  • Brokerage discounts
  • Free cars
  • Free club membership
  • Free home amenities and appliances such as modular kitchen, furnishing, air conditioners, etc.

With the recent rate cut that RBI has announced, interests on home loans is set to come down. The real estate industry is welcoming RBI Governor’s announcement of rate cut. With this interim announcement of rate cut, the banks will take the cue and pass on the benefits to the end user, which will trigger the demand and off-take of housing ahead of the festive season.

Coupled with festive offers and lowering of interest rates, we can witness many home buyers making the most out of this opportunity.

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